Rolex Yacht YM N factory comparison JF factory comparison authentic

Hello, everyone today to replica watches see you look at the gold yacht authentic, this section has been from the BP plant shipments have been loved and concerned about, in fact, JF plant after shipment has been trying to swiss replica watches write this evaluation, but has been N plant delay Not shipped, but finally shipped, and this time the popular science articles can be described as a lot of people to meet the fake watches heart, Han did not say the evaluation of the The overall contrast I can not see any big difference, they are using the rose gold case ceramic outer ring reflective effect is the same Here we look at the dial contrast, because this level of the watch can not simply pick out from the shell what went wrong ↑ we read the three watch of the positive side of the watch is worth talking about the point, the first N plant and JF factory although are gold-plated, but in the gold color control and thickness are on the manufacturers of the festival, get It is found that the gold plating of this watch is very thick, so wear also please rest assured that this is not a small factory garbage strap with frivolous photo looks like gold is actually this watch is the rose gold ↑ in the literally enlarged N times, we can see the three different watchs N factory in the details of the control really beyond the JF although the gap is not large, from the needle axis structure can be seen N details of the control , The pointer on the overall texture of JF seems to be closer to genuine, then look at the text LOGO ROLEX text actually N plant better results ↑ But 2 watchs, although all from the top manufacturers and genuine LOGO no problem on the column but the lack of genuine kind of solid technology, a little regret, LOGO if the perfect point just fine 6 o'clock watch on the scale of the degree of reduction are doing well, zoom in several times found N plant slightly rough JF slightly fine but the font is great and very three-dimensional ↑ dial dial 12 points isosceles triangle shape are no difference is very delicate ↑ calendar printing contrast, here we still clearly see the difference between JF and genuine, N factory has always been a very cattle calendar ↑ outer ring scale workmanship is very delicate, reflective looks full of texture, especially to get the hand does not carefully look at what can not pick out any problems, but 2 engraved and authentic than, or a little more smooth ↑ on the map we can see the thickness of the three watchs are very close to the can also see the outer ring scale highlights are consistent, including the mirror of the prominent, carefully look at the head part, N plant reduction degree higher , JF's crown below the three small dots is so big in fact the middle will be slightly larger Another point of view of this watch, be N plant following the ghosts and then a large artifact I think it is a conscience for the heart, of course, JF is also very strong, even if the two plants are magnificent magnificent engraved genuine Side there are two-dimensional code stickers, do not have to be tangled, two-dimensional code is in the film on the demolition of the film is not The reduction of this angle can be 100% of the mouth of the mouth and opening than the column can be comparable to the original This angle may see the back cover thread is wrong, in fact, is very close to the kind of reflection will be affected, The most cattle place to come, this is the so-called 18K gold watch the most difficult to overcome things, this simple little details actually do and genuine as really not easy to print out the carving pattern should be clear enough and not like the laser , On the map we can see the N plant is indeed better than the JF JF like a laser get up There is nothing to say, it is great Magnified and found that more genuine three-dimensional this is worth improving ↑ clasp is also similar to the pattern here after the fine lines of the text is more deep JF factory pattern but did not really so deep it is a little bit of the N factory reached the depth of the same time the depth of a little stronger than the authentic